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Kevin T.

Smart Contract Developer (Solidity)
Top Rated Squad Developer
9 years of experience in tech startups, 3 of which in Web3. Designed and built a cross-chain lending protocol and a bridge to transfer ERC20s and ERC721s across multiple chains.
Tech stack: Solidity, Rust, Node, Go, React, Typescript


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Trusted by Web3
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A talent platform built for the future of work

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You spend countless engineering hours on interviews that go nowhere. Squad members are thoroughly vetted with a series of technical interviews. So you can focus on building amazing products.

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You waste time going through 100+ profiles before you find a ‘good’ one. Squad uses AI & reputation systems to curate the right match in <48 hours. You’ll receive one and that will be the one you hire.

Payment & legal rails

Web3 is confusing and you never know if you are doing things right. Squad simplifies it for you. One simple invoice. Fiat & crypto payments. Employment compliance regardless of geography.





Trusted by top founders and builders

Fabrice Grinda

Founder, Midas.app & FJ Labs
“Squad is a game-changer for hiring engineering talent. Incredible speed and unmatched quality. They are at the forefront of revolutionizing the future of work, and will be indispensable for businesses aiming to scale effectively”

Jose Mejia

Head of Product, Friends With Benefits
“Squad’s consistent ability to bring high-quality crypto-native talent into projects is absolutely remarkable on its own, but what stands out the most is how quickly their devs onboard onto projects and start providing value.”

Daniel Gretzke

Squad member & Smart Contracts Lead, Polygon
“Every top Web3 engineer should be on Squad! It’s been amazing to connect with so many talented people and the opportunities coming through the community are extremely curated and high quality.”

Liam Grant

Head of Growth, Integral
“Squad has allowed us to build 'rapid response' capabilities, enhancing our operational efficiency. Its speed and flexibility enable us to rapidly incorporate specialized engineering talent in niche fields.”

Leandro (Locha) Schlottchauer

Founder, Fuul Protocol
“Easily the best hiring resource for anyone building in the crypto space. We got our Squad in less than 48hrs and they are incredible.”

Marta Law

Squad Member & Designer/Front-end Dev
“The Squad community was like a family to me as I embarked in my Web3 journey. They opened up a world of exciting projects and teams, guiding me through my career in a way I couldn't have managed alone.”


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We embed engineers within your core team to enhance and accelerate development.


Hire full-time employees, the traditional way. We can support with payments & contracts.


Try working with your future developers before you commit to a long-term relationship.

Empowering those building the future of the internet

Indexing Protocol

L1 Blockchain Ecosystem
1 Fractional CTO, 2 Smart Contract Engineers (Rust)
Rust, Node, React, Typescript
  • Stellar recently introduced smart contract capabilities and is seeking developers to create essential building blocks.
  • Won proposal by supporting Squad community members with deep Smart Contract, DeFi and Indexing expertise.
  • Built public-good to allow users to create indices via smart contract, providing ownership of multiple assets transparently.

Testing Infrastructure

Bitcoin Smart Contract Layer
1 Blockchain Architect / QA Engineer
Typescript, Node, Cypress, Rust, Javascript, AWS
  • Stacks is launching the sBTC protocol and was seeking engineers to design & build testing infrastructure / QA systems.
  • Struggling to find senior talent with the right expertise who can both design architecture and execute blockchain QA tests.
  • Matched with an expert in Web3 QA/testing, specializing in simulation & property-based testing, and architecture design.

On-chain Data Analytics

Liquid Digital Asset VC
1 Data Engineer
Python, SQL, Dune, JavaScript, Solidity
  • VC with $500M AUM, recently made >50 Web3 VC investments, including Quantstamp, Figment, MoonPay, ZenGo.
  • Now launching a liquid token investment fund and want to enhance their on-chain data analytics capabilities.
  • Hired Squad builders to lead the on-chain data analytics department to support diligence for token investments.

Multi-chain Liquidity Protocol

Early-stage Infrastructure Startup
1 Engineering Lead / CTO
Rust, Go, Solidity
  • Startup incubated by New Order / Outlier Ventures needed an Engineering Lead / CTO to build the early product.
  • Needed to connect with a rare crypto-native engineer skilled in Rust Smart Contracts and Distributed Systems.
  • Built a modular liquidity protocol with chain-agnostic interoperability leveraging Celestia and Cosmos’ IBC.

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Complete our project brief or send us your RFP (suitable for DAOs & ecosystems). You can talk to one of our experts to get help with refining the details.

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We’ll matchmake across our community of Web3 builders, and curate the best for you. No need to pay anything until you find the ideal builders. First weeks is on us.

Review and select

Review our suggestions and work with us to make as many changes as you want.

Start building!

Once you are satisfied with your builder(s), we’ll provide you with a simple way to manage contracts, pay your team, and keep track.
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Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!
How do you ensure that the community includes only the top 1%?

Squad is an invite-only community. We vet top talent rigorously to evaluate teamwork abilities, creativity, English proficiency, crypto-nativeness and exceptional aptitudes in specialized technical skillsets. The entry process must involve an invitation followed by multiple portfolio reviews, a behavioural interview, a technical interview, a coding test and reference checks.

What type of talent verticals do you have at Squad?

Our talent pool spans a diverse range of expertise, including:

- Smart Contract Engineers: Solidity and Rust, with a broad range of experience across different blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum L1, Ethereum L2s, other EVM-compatible chains, Cosmos, Solana, and more.

- Front-End Developers: Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue.js, and more. Experienced with Web3 tooling, SDKs, and APIs.

- Back-End Developers: Experts in Rust, Go, Node, Docker, Kubernetes, etc., focusing on decentralized and distributed systems.

- Full-Stack Web3 Developers: Versatile capable of handling front-end, back-end and smart contracts.

- Data/ML Engineers, Product Managers, and Product Designers: Specialists with a deep understanding and experience in Web3.

Our members span various seniority levels, from Fractional CTOs to Junior ICs. Members have a minimum of 4 years of experience, including 1 year in Web3, with the average being 9 years overall and 3 in Web3.

How much does this cost?

The total cost will vary based on your needs. Our fee is flexible and all-inclusive, it covers the talent’s rate, vetting, matchmaking, payroll, and employment compliance. Our community governs a fair percentage of transaction fees to be used for public utility and contributor incentives to improve the efficiency of the ecosystem. This method benefits everyone involved and results in higher quality & lower costs.

I’m a builder, how can I join Squad?

We are currently only an invite-only platform, so the fastest way to join Squad is to obtain a referral from one of our existing members. However, you can also fill out this form to be added to our waitlist.

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Hire crypto native devs in hours, not months.

Unlock an exclusive network of the top 5% Web3 engineers and bring your vision to life with elite talent.
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